About Us

NG Global Energy is a proudly South African company.  

We can support your business with the supply of various commodities (incl. coal and manganese), expertly sourced for your industrial application. The business was established with the aim of providing delivered solutions to its clients across the globe.

NG Global has the capacity to provide technical support to a range of industries. The scope of our support includes:

Production improvements

Combustion optimisation

Process safety management



Our scope of services is based on the principle of a circular economy, balancing supply and demand ensuring sustainability.


the foundation of our services is based on technical expertise and over 20 years of expertise within the NG Global team.


We strive to be a supplier of choice by providing reliable services to our clients across the globe


Our services are underpinned by integrity and transparency when collaborating with all stakeholders

NG Global Energy takes great pride in collaborating with the following stakeholders. Join our portfolio today!